The Beardytron is a live-music-production system of unprecendented power. In the wrong hands it could kill all puppies. 
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  1. Beardyman do session for DJ mag. Music is make with and Beardytron it is you are listen.
    DJ mag session
  2. Beardyman do gig about things and it is good because the people were there and they laughed and they were happy and they liked it.
    Seattle 2014
  3. Seattle is a place where Beardyman and i am beardyman and it is good. Someone was smoke Monsanto leaves and i am think it is poison and make tune.
    Seattle 2015
  4. Beardyman is do session in SBTV and they are very nice to me and they are give me biscuits.
    SBTV session
  5. Humno bùqee. Vespętecj, austenk multwang, celbdök kegnev.
    Menco Pranda
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