Projects and Collaborations
Solo, real-time Album-making, inspired by audience suggestions.
One Album per Hour 
The Dream Team Sessions
An improvisational juggernaut comprised Beardyman's hand-picked elite team of musical genii. 
Impromptu, San Franciscan Jam Band comprised of some of the Bay area's most tech-forward musical innovators.
The Firefly Sessions
Studio-based E.p. featuring the above humans. 
Beardyman, Leen, Dizraeli
An epic cypher bringing together some of the UK's foremost Freestyle MC's.
The Freestyle Project
A waste of time by 3 of the UK's foremost time-wasters
Beardy vs Reggie
Beardyman and the legend that is Reggie Watts making things that closely resemble music. 

One Album per Hour

A brand new album, created live in real time. You make up the song titles, Beardyman makes the Album.
"taking improv comedy up to a higher level... is this really improvised?"
SG Fringe
"a definite must-see"
"this is a show you need to see"
Broadway Baby
The Angry Microwave
"prodigious spontanaeity... riotously entertaining"
"Site undergoing maintenance"
Ed Fest Mag
The Argus

'Breathtakingly talented'   Time Out
'Brilliant...hugely accomplished'    Sunday Times
'A genius at live improv performance...with quick-fire wit'  Uncut

Hong Kong show 1 - 2016

Honk Kong show 2 - 2016

One Album per Hour - UK Tour, Cambridge 2015

Edinburgh Festival - August 2015

A sold out, 5 night run in the 750 cap Pleasance Grand as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 
  1. "Sorry I'm Scottish"
    Show 1 - FULL SHOW
  2. It would be good if I Was An Octopus
    Show 4 - FULL SHOW

 2015 Edinburgh Warm-up-gig Clips - July 2015

To prepare for the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe, these test shows were arranged to get in gear for the onslaught that is the Fringe, they ended providing some rather good tings.
  1. This clip is taken from a sold-out warm-up gig in London's comedy cafe in July 2015.
    "These shoes are made for walking on water"
  2. This clip is taken from a sold-out warm-up gig in London's comedy cafe in July 2015.
    "Gareth the my little pony is a slut"
  3. This clip is taken from a sold-out warm-up gig in London's comedy cafe in July 2015.
    "Revenge of the Cookie Monster"

One Album per Hour - Edinburgh Fringe 2014

One Album per Hour - Live Stream @ Youtube Space, London

In October of 2014, a series of live One Album per Hour events were held at Youtube Space, London at the behest of youtube in  to test their pan-Atlantic superfast fiber link with their counterpart space in LA. The link had a round-trip latency of just over a second which was a challenge to work with. Never the less, the event saw Tim Minchin writing lyrics for Beardyman to sing live on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Jack Black Beatboxing to Beardyman playing guitar, and Peter Serafinowicz staying in character as Ringo Starr for the whole show and Daniel Sloss playing a coked up record exec. It was bananas. Below is a selection of some of the highlights.
  1. Cracking up Jack Black
    "Space Baby" - feat. Jack Black
  2. You know you'd let Tim Minchin fuck you.
    French electro opera - feat. Tim Minchin
  3. 'Ringo Star' produces Beardyman
    "I Remember Being Born" feat. Peter Serafinowicz
  4. 'Ringo Star' produces Beardyman live.
    "GENITAL MEDITATION" feat. Peter Serafinowicz

Edinburgh Festival - August 2013

2013 saw a sold out, 3 night run at the Edinburgh Fringe for One Album per hour. This particular run featured mr_Hopkinson and As Described on visuals to rather stunning effect.
  1. Beardyman was given this song title suggestion at his Edinburgh One Album per Hour show, "Lemon Scented Sunset'". Here's what happened...
  2. Beardyman was given this song title suggestion at his Edinburgh One Album per Hour show, "Clean Shaven, Not Behavin'". Here's what happened...
    Clean Shaven, Not Behavin'

The Dream Team sessions

Over 2 nights At London's Jazz Cafe, I showcased 2 very different impromptu, freestyle, totally improvisational bands. Both featured the incredible Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack, the Bays, Rudimental, Clean Bandit, Gordon City) on drums. But that's where the similarities ended. The first night was music focused and light on lyricism, featuring Steve Lawson (world renowned solo bass genius) on Bass, and Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley) on guitar. Night 2 was more lyricism focused and featured MC Disraeli and MC Leen on vocal duties, Arthur Lea on keys, Bella Trix on double bass, and Rob Lewis on cello.
See the Dream Team live!

Firefly Labs Sessions - San Francisco 2015

In 2014, with some time off in San Francisco, the generous, hospitable and all round lovely human Toshi Anders-Hoo offered to host a sort of 2 day Jam event, hang-out for some awesome musically twisted tech obsessed Bay residents. Here is some of what came out of that brief but thoroughly joyous time.
Beardyman - Keyboards, Beardytron
Daniel Berkman - Ukelele, Looper, Handsonic
Rich DDT - Controllitar
Pete Bonner - Bass

Dizraeli, Leen, Beardyman

Leen, Dizraeli, Beardyman are 3 humans. When they get together they run buck wild through the universal under-brain. Here is a small selection of what happened last time they let their minds meld. 

The Freestyle Project

The Freestyle Project (2011) - a diverse collective formed of some of the UK's most talented freestyle MC's brought together and accompanied by Beardyman.
Stig of the Dump
Klumzy tung
Dr Syntax
Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars)
Honey Brown
The man like John
feat. JFB on the Decks and 'J'm Black on the space-guitar


Battlejam is a waste of valuable time by 3 times UK Beatbox Champion JFB, 2x UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman and convicted junglist Ed Solo. Under no circumstances encourage them or they'll only do more of this. 

Reggie Watts premises sessions

In 2011 the collections of molecules known as Beardyman and Reggie Watts converged in a room in "the Premises" in London and made lots of noise. Some of it coalessed into music. Here is a portion of that music.